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Why Playa del Carmen is so Popular?

    Why has Mexico became one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world and Riviera Maya is the No. 1 destination in Latin America?

    Many people love Playa del Carmen because it is a very beautiful seaside town. What was once a small fishing village has turned into an international and cosmopolitan city and at the same time it has remained a very welcoming little town.

    Top 9 things to do in Playa del Carmen

    There is a huge choice of public paradise beaches, the sea is warm all year round and you can swim at any time. This is what makes it so easy to be outside all the time and explore the Rivera Maya.

    Favorite beaches of the Riviera Maya

    Top Beach Clubs in Playa del Carmen

    Downtown Playa del Carmen almost everything can be done walking. There is a main pedestrian street parallel to the beach, the famous 5th Avenue and there is more than 2km to see. That is where people love to walk and shop. There are also a lot of restaurants, terraces and things to see on this street.

    The weather is excellent all year long. In fact, this is the main asset for most people. We have an average annual temperature of 26 Celsius.

    Mexicans are very kind and respectful!

    Value for your money, the Mexican pesos has always offered good value but the recent drop adds even more value.

    There is a wide range of activities to do, tours are sold all over Playa. There are vendors on the beach, on 5th avenue, in hotels, etc. You can buy them but you can also rent a car and do all the activities by yourself for less money..

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    Activities and excursions Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

    You can find new and trendy hotels that compete with the big cities of the world and typical Mexican little hotels. There are also many apartments airbnb for vacationers to rent. There is something for all tastes and budgets in Playa ..

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    Gastronomy, there are a lot of restaurants to meet all your needs. There are also many people from all over the world who have settled down and opened restaurants. This gives a great variety! You can find everything and for any budget. Imagine a good meal with a good wine in your country of origin, how much are you going to spend? Here you can have the same quality for almost half the price. The good thing about Playa del Carmen and other cities in Mexico is the food. There are not only many great Mexican chefs, but there are also many great gourmet restaurants with international cuisine.

    Favorite restaurants in Playa del Carmen

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